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*UPDATED* Hi I'm Clay bla bla bla

Clay, '91, Scorpio

Well done for finding me! There are a very very very few rules I have for friending and stuff but I always don't mind new friends :) Just don't hesitate to leave a comment roughly about how you found me and a teensy bit about yourself (like your biases) on this post, I promise you'll get cookies in return (and also a sweet sweet friend add, but hey, cookies are way more important).

1) I don't really post much personal stuff on LJ anymore, and you can find me mostly on Tumblr (link under cut).

2) My Tumblr is mostly a k-pop trash blog now, which in itself is a warning.

3) No flaming, spamming or shiphate allowed because I'm all for world peace.

4) Languages I speak are Chinese, English and Malay (but don't let that deter you, because friendship has no barriers AMIRAIT)


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